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Texans Vs. Steelers

Game Summary

Steelers won the toss and they’re going to receive the ball, #10 Super returns the ball to the Texans 35 yard line. #28 Hunter for the Steelers picks up a 2 yard loss tackled #9 Mackwood. Pass from #12 Alcantara to #10 Super complete for 9 yards. Pass from #12 Alcantara to #1 Roth brought the ball to the 7 yard line picking up the first down. A QB keeper into the end-zone by #12 Alcantara is called back with a block in the back penalty. #10 Lewis stops a run by #12 Alcantara who picked up four yards. The pass into the end zone was nearly picked off by #10 Lewis of the Texans. Third and goal. #16 Rost from the Texans pics o’clock tackle in the backfield making it fourth down and 17. #12 Alcantara keeps it for run but his tackle 7 yard line turning the ball over.


On the first play #10 Lewis takes it all the way down the field on an outside run into the end zone. #52 Yusi keeps the ball and runs it into the end zone for the extra point.


Texans kick off out of bounds and Steelers take over on the 40 yard line. #21 Talbot around the right side of the field for a first down carried the ball out of the Texans 29 yard line .  #10 Super to the outside fumbles out of bounds get the first down on the 20 yard line. #12 Alcantara picks up a big run and is taking out on the 3 yard line but the ball is brought back with a penalty against the Steelers. Steeler start again on the Texans 25 yard line. A handoff to #21 Talbot on the outside runs it in for a touchdown. The extra point is good with a  pass from #12 Alcantara to #1 Roth.


#52 Yusi receives the kickoff for the Texans and #21 Talbot credited with the tackle on the Texans 32 yard line. On fourth and four on the Texans 36 yard line they go for it. #10 Lewis runs to the outside tackled at the steelers 39 for the first down. #6 keeps the ball and is tackled by #10 Super for a gain of inches. #84 Narkar picks up a big sack taking the ball carrier down at the Texans 29 yard line. On fourth and long the Texans on the 30 yard line choose to punt.. Recovered by Texans #52 Yusi, but there is an illegal block by the Texans. The Steelers take over on the Texans 33 yard line.


#10 Super carries all the outside to the 10 yard line before being forced out of bounds by number #10 Lewis. #10 Super with the handoff goes out of bounds at the 2 yard line. #12 Alcantara is credited with the touchdown after carrying the ball into the end zone. The extra point is no good when the Texans defensive line stops the ball carrier.


#6 Greenberg receives the ball and carried it to the Texans 34 yard line. #10 Lewis with a big run to the outside takes the ball to the 18 yard line, tackled by #4 on the Steelers. Texans, in a fourth and long situation, go for it but are not success and there’s a turnover on downs.


The Steelers pick up a first down and carry it out to the 38 yard line, #21 Talbot with the carry. #10 Super carries the ball down the sideline into the end zone for a touchdown. Extra point is no good as the ball carriers is taken down short of the end zone.


#21 Mittal with the kick reception, carries the ball to the Texans 35 yard line. #9 Mackwood with the ball carry, moves the chains into Steeler territory to the 32 yard line, before being tackled by #89 Cobos. #9 Mackwood carries the ball again on 2nd down and 6, and has a pickup of 2 yards before being tackled by #10 Lewis. #6 Greenberg keeps the ball to pick up the first down. The Texans handoff to #10 Lewis who goes all the way down to the 2 yard line putting the Texans in the red zone, #18 Randisi with the big goal line stop. The Steelers are able to stop the Texans on fourth and 1 yards turning the ball over.  Steelers take over on the 3 yard line.


#12 Alcantara keeps the ball and runs it up the middle for the first down on the 11 yard line before being tackled by #5 Malhi. #10 Super turns it upfield and makes it all the way up to the 38 yard line. #21 Talbot picks up another first down for the Steelers before being tackled by #5 Malhi. #12 Alcantara with the QB keeper carries the ball all the way up the edge for the touchdown. On the extra point, the Steelers pick up a penalty, blocking in the back, putting them on the 8 yard line. The ball carry by #44 is no good with the tackle by #16 Rost.


The Texans recieved the ball the 2nd half, and on the first play, #10 Lewis ran a 50 yard touchdown. (PIT: 25 HOU: 20) Once the Steelers got the ball on the Texan’s 38, they drove into the redzone and tried to answer. #10 Super of the Steelers then returned the favor with a 10 yard rushing touchdown to the right. (PIT: 32 HOU: 20) After the Texans recieved the ball, #10 Lewis of the Texans once again scoring, cutting it up the middle for the TD. (PIT: 32 HOU: 26) The Steelers didn’t take long to respond, as #10 Super ran in the 12 yard touchdown. (PIT: 39 HOU: 26) The Steelers recovered the onside kick, and didn’t hesitate to score as #21 Talbot got the 40 yard TD. (PIT: 45 HOU: 26) The Texans recieved the ball on the 40, and drove it into the redzone. #6 Greenberg pulled off a miraculous run for the touchdown. (PIT: 45 HOU: 32 End of 3rd quarter) The Steelers responded quickly, as #12 Alcantara ran in the 20 yard touchdown for the Steelers. (PIT: 51 HOU: 32) The Steelers sealed the deal by recovering their own onside kick, and scoring yet another TD. (Final: PIT: 57 HOU: 32)

Cheerleaders of the Week


Kiersten Conrad

Steelers Cheer

Kiersten Conrad, a.k.a. “Cinderelli”, is this week’s Steelers Cheerleader of the Week.  Kiersten is our trusty backspot and “boss” of our stunts.  Her timing is outstanding and she never leaves home without her make-it-go-right attitude.  I have appreciated Kiersten so much this season as one of my two returning cheerleaders.  She is helpful, energetic and is well liked by all of the girls.  Kiersten also happens to have the highest kicks on the squad, well done Kiersten, you’re a wonderful cheerleader!

AJ Rodriguez

AJ Rodriguez

Contributing Writer

AJ has played in the FFL for the Saints, Bills and Raiders.  He’s is now a Junior Coach for the FFL Raiders and is the starting Center on the Freshman team at Newark Memorial High School.


15 Oct 2016







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