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49ers Vs. Falcons

Game Summary

The Falcons receive the ball but don’t convert the touchdown on their opening drive. The Niners get the ball and run for a touch down. The Falcons move the ball down the field to the 20 yard line, but turn the ball over after failing to convert on downs. The Niners capitalize on the turnover and score on a long run, bringing the score to 14-0. The Falcons go down the field one more time and turn the ball over on a fumble. On the first play of their drive, the Niners take it down the field and score on a long run, bringing the score to 21 -0. The Falcons drive down the field and score a nice touchdown, putting points on the board 21-7.  The 49ers #21 Jacko answers back with a long run but steps out of bounds. The niners do end up in the end zone, running the ball in a couple of plays later. The niners kick an onside kick and recover the ball but an inadvertent whistle by the referees return the ball back to the Falcons. On a pass, the Falcons throw the ball deep and the Niners intercept it, with a penalty on the play, the ball is returned to the Falcons. Later in the drive, the Falcons turnover the ball with an interception. Niners #12 gets a long run for a touch down. The end of the second-quarter the score was 49ers 33, Falcons 6.

Players of the Week


Jordan Stallworth-Lewis

Jordan Stallworth-Lewis


Jordan was voted player of the week by the Falcons Coaches for his NON-STOP Defensive efforts in Saturday nights game. It was an all out storm pretty much the whole game. Cold and soaking wet Jordan was asked to step up and play some D-Line, he came up with some pretty big stops when we needed it. Thank you Jordan AKA “Punisher”.

Connor Pivin

Connor Pivin

Contributing Writer

Connor has played in the FFL for the Giants, Saints, Bills and Raiders.  He’s is now a Junior Coach for the FFL Raiders and continue to contribute to the FFL Community.


15 Oct 2016







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