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Week 5: Saints Vs. UC Colts

Game Summary

The UC Colts won the coin toss and elected to receive the ball. As the Colts offense takes the field, a run to the outside on first down results in a 10 yard gain. The Colts then run #5 Jalen Thomas up the middle and he was brought down by Saints #25 Jacko after passing up the first down marker. The Colts go to the middle again, but the ball was fumbled and recovered by the Saints. The Saints answer back with a run up the middle, #15 Bullock brings the Saints half way to a first down, pickup up 4 yards. Unable to move the ball, the Saints go back to #15 Bullock on 4th and 2 to pick up the first down.  #15 Bullock seems to be the Saints “go-to” player as he picks up yet another first down before being tackled by #3 Ellis Josiah of the Colts. The Colts defense gets fired up after #5 Jalen Thomas gets a big tackle in the backfield, bringing up second down. The Saints go to #52 Cacao who has a big run in the alley,  breaking multiple tackles before being brought down at the 4 yard line by #5 Jalen Thomas, #9 Ryland Bueno and #11 Kaimani Keanaaina of the Colts.  The Saints go back to  #15 Bullock to punch in the touchdown up the middle. The Saints try to run in for the extra point, but were stopped by the Colts defense.


The Colts take over with a 1st and 8 on the 30 yard line. On the first play, the Saints defense fires into the backfield which results in a loss of 6 yards for the Colts. The Colts were having trouble moving the ball and a “false start” penalty pushed them back to 4th and 12 yards to go.  The Colts turn to #5 Jalen Thomas for the first down, but instead Thomas turns it into a long 60 yard run down the field for a touchdown! The extra point was stopped with multiple Saints making the tackle.


The Saints start on their 30 yard line and #18 Nagarkar carries the ball for 5 yards before being brought down by #30 Dontae Gardner.  A run up the middle by #15 Bullock adds another 10 yards and a 1st down before being tackled by #30 Dontae Gardner. The Saints continue their “ground and pound” strategy with a nice run by #15 Bullock who gave a defender a straight arm to add another 3 yards to his carry. Saints #7 Topper picks up a couple yards on the run to get the Saints a big first down. The Saints go back to #25 Bullock who picks up another 5 yards before being tackled by #30 Dontae Gardner short of the first down marker, bringing up 3rd down and 3 yards to go. The Saints, now in the Colts red zone give the ball to #25 Bullock who carries the ball up the middle again for a 6 yard gain, picking up the 1st down and reaching the 14 yard line.  The Colts put up a great defensive stop with #11 Kaimani Keanaaina and #12 Kamari Robinson catching the ball carrier in the backfield for 2 yard loss. On 3rd down and 8, #10 Motu Keanaaina caught the ball carrier in the backfield for a critical sack. In scoring position, the Saints go for it on 4th down but could not convert on a run to the outside by #7 Topper. The Colts take over on the 8 yard line to start their drive.


With 29 seconds left in the first half, the Colts pick up a false start penalty pushing them back to the 4 yard line. The Colts go for a pass, which is almost intercepted by #15 Bullock of the Saints. The Colts go back to their passing game which resulted in a complete pass to #20 Dion Alcones who is met by #52 Cacao of the Saints for the big tackle at the line of scrimmage. With 18 seconds to go in the first half, the Saints charge into the backfield to pick up a Safety and a change of possession. On the last play of the half, #18 Nagarkar with a QB keeper runs to the outside, but was brought down by #11 Kaimani Keanaaina and #30 Dontae Gardner with a gain of 4 yards.


The Saints offense taken the field to start the second half with the ball on the 30 yard line.  The Saints offense could not get it going and found themselves needing big yards on 4th and 13 yards to go. The Saints hand it off to #52 Cacao which resulted in a big 8 yard run, but it was not enough for the first down. The Colts take over on the 32 yard line.


The Colts go with a run by #11 Kaimani Keanaaina who had a big run to the outside, but was tackled by #25 Jacko.  The Colts pick up another set of down with a first and 8 on the 14 yard line. The Colts go back to the run, but Saints #52 Cacao with a big hit in the backfield causes a fumble and the Saints #36 Wills recovers the ball on the 20 yard line.  After a false start penalty, #15 Bullock busts through the middle for 8 yards bringing the Saints to 3rd down and 3 yards. A hand off to #15 Bullock up the middle results in a Saints first down. The Saints continue up the middle feeding the ball to #52 Cacao with a big run up the middle for 6 yards, making it 2nd down and 2 yards. Giving the ball again to #52 Cacao who keeps pounding the middle of the field, pick up 2 yards and a first down on the 30 yard line, the tackle was made by the Colts Defensive powerhouse #30 Dontae Gardner.  The Saints switch up their strategy and feed the ball to #15 Bullock who hits the outside pickup up 10 yards before being brought down by #30 Dontae Gardner. The Saints keep charging down the field with #52 Cacao picking up 4 yards with a run up the gut.  Deep in Colts territory, the Saints go with #52 Cacao again with a run up the middle, #64 Rimachi Gardner on the Colts made the touchdown saving stop on the 3 yard line. The Saints score with a run up the middle by #52 Cacao. On the extra point #25 Jacko gets the ball, but is tackled by #2 Kalen Thomas on the Colts.


To start their drive, #11 Kaimani Keanaaina on the Colts had a big run making it out to the Saints 35 yard but is tackled by #25 Jacko and #21 Fitch. The Colts go to #12 Kamari Robinson who is tackled in the backfield by  #52 Cacao for a loss of 2 yards. The Colts take to the air and complete a pass to #10 Motu Keanaaina who was brought down on the yeah 18 yard line.  The 3rd Quarter ended in a tight battle with the Saints 14 and the Colts 6, with the Colts threatening to score again.


At the start of the 4th Quarter, the Colts continue to threaten the Saints deep in their territory. The colts call on #11 Kaimani who produced a big 10 yard run for the first down, bringing the ball to the 12 yard line. The Colts hand off to #2 Kalen Thomas, carries the ball and is brought down short of the end zone by #80 Imran on the Saints. The Saints causes another fumble in the back field, ending the Colts drive, when it was recovered by Saints #20 Valadez.


The Saints take over on the 15 yard line. The fired up Colts put up a strong defense and on the Saints 4th down and 5, #52 Cacao is tackled by #9 Ryland Bueno forcing a change of possession. The Colts took over on the 21 yard line. The Colts quickly capitalize on the turnover with #11 Kaimani picking up a big run to the left side of the field, he hits the edge and turns it upfield for a Touchdown. The extra point his no good with with a stop by #80 Imran 5 yards behind the Line of Scrimmage.


Eager to answer back with their own Touchdown, the Saints stick to their gameplay with #15 Bullock up the middle with a gain of 10 yards. A facemask penalty against the Colts brings the ball to the Colts 20 yard line and puts the Saints in scoring position. The Saints go to big #52 Cacao who had a 21 yard run into the endzone for a touchdown. The Saints give the ball to #80 Imran for the extra point, but he’s brought down just shy of the end zone.


The colts take over on the final drive of the game, #12 Lopez gets in the backfield for a sack, but the play was whistle dead due to a dead ball penalty against the Colts. On 4th and 8, with the ball on the 30 yard line, the Colts #11 Kaimani Keanaaina has a big carry to the outside but is brought down by #20 Valadez and #21 Fitch.  The Colts pick up the first down but did not score, the final score of the game was Saints 20, UC Colts 12.

Players of the Week


Brennan Cacao

Brennan Cacao


Brennan played out of his mind vs the UC Colts. He was involved in almost every tackle while on the defensive side of the ball. While on the offensive side of the ball he was either creating massive holes for his team mates or pounding the colts for long hard fought yards. Brennan finished the day with two touchdowns, a lot of tackles and was a huge inspiration to his team mates. Brennan is not a single sport athlete as he is also playing CYO basketball and getting it done on the court as well. Brennan is a great example to the first year players as to how to practice, how to play, and how to get it done in the class room. A small amount of Brennan’s success can be credited to his father and defensive coach Mike Cacao. 😉


08 Oct 2016



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