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Week 5: Ravens Vs. Vikings

Game Summary

The Ravens win the coin toss, but elect to defer the ball until the 2nd half.  The Vikings line up to receive the ball, the kick return by #6 Aldridge is brought down at the 37 yard line. The Vikings turn to  #5 Lajes who picks up 13 yards for a first down, bringing the ball to the 24 yard line before being tackled by #33 Russell on the Ravens. A handoff to #3 Tafoya puts the Vikings in scoring position with a touchdown saving stop by #22 Schetzel and #62 Torres of the Ravens. On a QB keeper, #2 Botelho runs it in for a Touchdown. On a run to the outside, #2 keeps the ball again to score the extra point.


The Vikings Kick-off and an uncatchable ball ends up in the back of the end zone forcing a touchback.  The Ravens start on the 20 yard line, but go three and out, punting on 4th down and 16. On a high punt #33 Russell races downfield and downs the ball.


A handoff to #5 Lajes for a big run bringing the ball to the Ravens 24 yard line. The Vikings carry the ball 19 yards up the field for a touchdown. The extra point is no good.


The Ravens receive the kick off and return the ball to the 23 yard line. On first down, #24 Manriquez keeps the ball, picking up a loss after being tackled in the back field. Another 2nd and long, #33 Russell is tackled by #66 Rodriguez of the Vikings in the backfield for another 2 yard loss. On third down and long, the Ravens give the ball to #22 Schetzel, but he is stopped by the Vikings defense, bringing up 4th down. The Ravens elect to punt, a high kick, which is downed at the Ravens 27 yard line.


The Vikings take over with a 1st and 8 on the Ravens 32 yard line. On a pitch to the outside, the Vikings pick up 9 yards picking up another first down and looking to score with the ball on the 23 yard line. On a QB Keeper, #2 takes it up the middle before being taken down at the 4 yard line.  The Vikings score on the drive.


Ravens receive the ball and return it to the number 25 yard line.  The Ravens are forced to punt after they are not able to convert on third and long giving the balls back to the Vikings. Vikings take over on their own 10 yard line. The handoff to #4 Flores who has a big 7 1/2 yard run brings it to 2nd and inches for the Vikings. Vikings #4 Flores with a big 20 yard run to the outside was tackled by #21 McHenry of the ravens, but moves the down marker to the 40 yard line. The Vikings take to the air with a pass from #2 Botelho to #8 Martinez for a 40 yards, brought down short of the endzone. The Vikings stay on the ground to score the touchdown, but complete the extra point with a pass from #2 Botelho to #11 Ripp.


Taking over on the 30 yard line, the Ravens are forced to punt after an unsuccessful three down.  A great punt puts the ball on the Viking 22 yard line and giving the Ravens defense some breathing room. Vikings #23 Hernandez has a big 18 yard carry up the middle, breaking several tackles before being tackled on the 40 yard line. #23 Hernandez is given the ball again and runs down the field before stepping out of bounds on the three yard line.  The Vikings score on the drive.


The Ravens take the ball on the 30 yard line but cannot convert a 1st down and are forced to punt the ball away. Vikings #5 carries the ball all the way down the field for a 60 yard touchdown. The hand off to #30 Uehling up the middle is successful for the extra point.


The second half starts with the Ravens taking over on the 30 yard line with a running game clock. The Ravens Offense starts to move the ball when #22 Schetzel runs up the middle for 4 yard gain. The Ravens go back to #22 Schetzel with a run outside, he puts his shoulder down and fights to picks up the four for a first down. The momentum for the Ravens slowed down and on 4th down and close to 20 yards, the Ravens elect to punt the ball away. The Ravens kick a deep punt and it’s spotted on the Viking 6 yard line.


The Vikings take over and #3 Tafoya carries the ball 20 yards before being tackled by #44 Williams, the ball is spotted on the 27 yard line. The Vikings stick to the middle of the field with #4 Flores hitting the hole and bouncing outside taking the ball all the way down the field for a touchdown. For the extra point, #22 Aldridge carries the ball to the outside before being tackled by #33 Russell short of the extra point.


Ravens again take over on the 30, but failed to get the first down and are forced to punt, with the Vikings taking over at the 40 yard line. Vikings #23 Hernandez carries the ball to the 25 yard line for a 15 yard gain,  brought down by #33 Russell on the Ravens. On a run up the middle, #23 Hernandez fumbles the ball, but recovers the ball down the field after gaining 6 yards on the play. Vikings call on #3 Tafoya who picks up the first down, making it to the13 yard line, deep in Ravens territory. The Vikings pass from #4 Flores to #21 Chitwood, who is brought down on the 4 yard line, in scoring territory. Vikings go to #30 Uehling for the ball carry to score from 4 yards out ending the game with a final score of Vikings 52 to Ravens 0.

Cheerleader of the Week



Ravens Cheer

Our cheerleader of the week is Ariadna aka Ary! This is her second year cheering in FFL and she is a great role model and example on our team! She is always the first one there and pushes herself and her teammates to be the best they can be! She is always smiling and makes those around her happy! She is a joy to coach and watch! Go Ravens and Go Ary!


08 Oct 2016







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