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Week 5: Bears Vs. Raiders

Game Summary


The Bear win the coin toss and defer to the Raiders. The Raiders #5 Lincavage receives the kick and returns it 5 yards to the Raiders 37 yard line. The Raiders hand off to #15 Guidry who picks up 3 yards, taking the ball to the 40 yard line. The Raiders hand off to #5 Lincavage who bounces it outside for a 6 yard gain and first down, tackled by #30 Gonzales. #5 Lincavage picks up another first down taking the ball to the 18 yard line, breaking a couple tackles before being tackled by #11 Campbell and assisted by #2 Lopez. The Raiders hit the middle again with #80 Bierhauzen carrying the ball to the 10 yard line, deep in Bears territory, brought down by #11 Campbell.  The Raiders offense is unable to score in the red zone, turning the ball over after a big sack by Bears #53 Brown ends the drive.


The Bears take over on the 15 yard line and a sweep to the outside by #2 Lopez is stopped at the line of scrimmage by Raiders #11 Wesley and #15 Guidry forcing a fumble that was recovered by the Raiders.


The Raiders take over on the 15 yard line and a run up the middle by #5 Lincavage results in an 8 yard carry. A handoff to #28 Austin is bounced outside and is able to fall into the end zone while being tackled.  The extra point is stopped by Bears #53 Brown with a tackle at the line of scrimmage.


The kickoff is recovered by the Bears on the 37 yard line.  On first down, #3 Hoskinson trips, losing two yards on the play. The Bears return to #3 Hoskinson with an outside run picking up 20 yards before stepping out of bounds at the Raiders 25 yard line.  A run up the middle by #30 Gonzales picks up 2 yards before forward progress is stopped and the play is whistled dead. The Bears go to the outside with a pitch to #3 Hoskinson, and wrapped up by Raiders #80 Bierhauzen gaining 2 yards. A run up the middle by #3 Hoskinson resulted in a first down before being brought down by #80 Bierhauzen on the 10 yard line. An pitch option to #30 Gonzales picks up 5 yards before being tackled by #21 Allen. The Bears go to #30 Gonzales again, who is wrapped up by #11 Wesley at the line of scrimmage, bringing up 3rd down. An off-tackle run by #3 Hoskinson is stopped by #28 Austin and #80 Bierhauzen, bringing up 4th and 2 on the 5 yard line.  The Raiders pick up an encroachment penalty, bringing he ball half the distance to the goal line and an automatic first down. The Bears pick up a false start, moving the ball back to the 7 yard line and a repeat of first down. On a handoff to #2 Lopez, he picks up 3 yards before being tackled by #8 Lares. On the first play of the 2nd Quarter, #3 Hoskinson carries the ball 4 yards into the end zone for a touchdown. The extra point is blocked when #21 Allen gets his hand in to deflect the kick.


The Bears kickoff goes out of bounds, with the Raiders taking over on their own 30 yard line.  A big run by #15 Daniel Guidry up the middle is taken down by #6 Montebon on the Bears 30 yard line. The Raiders failed to get a first down after 4 plays, turning the ball over to the Bears.  The Bears take over on the 18 yard line.  A handoff to #3 Hoskinson with an off-tackle run gains 24 yards and puts the Bears in Raider territory, before being brought down by #11 Wesley and #23 Lucero. Continuing to move the ball down the field, #2 Lopez picks up 14 yards on a run. The Bears change up their strategy and go for a deep by, but it’s intercepted by #85 Crozier and returned back to the Bears 37 yard line, but a blocking the back penalty brought the ball back to the Raiders 31 yard line. The Raiders turn the ball over on a fumble that is recovered by Bears #53 Brown.


The Bears start their drive deep in Raider territory with a run by #2 Lopez who is brought down by #21 Allen.  The Bear return to Hoskinson who picks up the first down, but was flagged for helmet to helmet contact which resulted in a 12 yard penalty bringing up 1st and 20.  The Bears could not make up the distance turning the ball over after 4 downs.


The start of the second half begins with an onside kick to the Bears which is recovered by #53 Brown, with good field position on the Raiders 37 yard line. The Bears open the drive with a handoff to #2 Lopez who was sacked in the backfield by #28 Austin. The Bears open up their passing game with a deep throw from #8 Medina to #11 Campbell making it to the Raiders 12 yard line before being tackled by #52 Muniz.  The Bears make it into the end zone on a run from #2 Lopez to the outside.  The Bears elect to run the ball in for the P.A.T. , with #8 Medina keeping the ball to run it in.


With an onside kick, it looks as if the Bears recover the ball, but #11 Campbell’s feet were out of bounds when contact was made.  The Raiders start off on their own 37 yard line.  The Raiders carry it into Bears territory with a run by #80 Bierhauzen, up the middle. The Raiders pick up another 1st down when #15 Guidry carried the ball up the middle to the 20 yard line before being tackled by #42 Da La Cruz.  On a run up the middle, the ball is knocked loose, but recovered by #44 Sanders on the Raiders on the 10 yard line.  The Raiders score with a deep pass from #3 Berry to #8 Lares in the corner of the end zone.  The extra point kick was good, capping off the drive.


The Bears start out on the 40 yard line and open the drive with a couple of runs by #30 Gonzales to pick up the first down and drive deeper into Raiders territory.  A long run by #2 Lopez put the Bears in scoring position, with the ball on the 2 yard line.  The Bears score on a run by #30 Gonzales who they also use to score the P.A.T with a pass from #8 Medina.


The Raiders take over on their 30 yard line when the Bears kick-off rolled out of bounds. On an unsuccessful series, the Raiders are forced to punt the ball away.


At the beginning of the 4th Quarter the Bears take over at the Raiders 32 yard line.  #3 Hopkinson picks up a big run to the outside, before running out of bounds at the 13 yard line but finds the end zone on the next play for a touchdown.  The kickoff by the Bears was returned to the Bears 33 yard line by #11 Wesley. The Raiders turnover on downs after not being able to move the ball for a first down.  On the first play of the Bears drive, #3 Hopkinson runs the ball down the field for a touchdown.  The extra point is block by Raiders #5 Lincavage when he deflected the kick.


The Raiders start their drive on the 40 yard line and a carry by #5 Lincavage brought the ball out to the 28 yard line.  A pass from #3 Berry to #20 Stack who had a big run after the catch before being tackled by #8 Medina on the 8 yard line. On a QB keeper by #3 Berry, he rolls to the outside for the touchdown.  A pass from #3 Berry to #20 in the end zone puts two more points on the board for the Raiders.


After receiving the kickoff at the 40 yard line, the Bears answer back on the first play with a 40 yard run by #3 Hopkinson for the touchdown.  The extra point kick was good.  The Raiders receive the kick and start moving the ball down the field.  The last play of the game ended with an interception returned for a touchdown by Bears #11 Campbell.

Players of the Week


Daniel Guidry

Daniel Guidry


Daniel is a hard worker who gives great effort in practice and games.  Coming off an injury, Daniel stepped right back into key positions, doing a great job running the ball hard in the game, breaking tackles, keeping his feet moving and fighting for yards.  On Defense, Daniel made several key tackles at Linebacker. Outside of his excellent game performance, Daniel is a great player to coach and a real contributor to the team!


08 Oct 2016







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