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Week 5: 49ers Vs. Union City Colts

Game Summary

The 49ers win the toss and defer to the second half. The Niners squib kick the ball, #12 Robinson recovers the ball for the Union City Colts. The Colts handoff to #20 but he’s tackled by #80 Clark on the Niners, this brings up of 3rd and six for the Colts on the 37 yard line. The 49ers are flagged for Encroachment resulting in a 4 yard penalty, giving the Colts an advantage, bringing up 3rd down and inches. The colts pass to #2 for the first down, #80 Clark was in on the tackle for the Niners. A holding call against the Colts brings up a a long 2nd and 12. The Colts take to the air again, but the pass is intercepted by the 49ers #21 Jacko. The 49ers take over on the 24 yard line. The 49ers with a big run to the outside by #21 Jacko taking the ball down to the 9 yard line, with #6 on the tackle. Another hand off by the 49ers, this time to #20 Barrett, with a run up the middle resulting in a 49ers touchdown. On the P.A.T. #5 Lincavage is brought down by #12 on the Colts short of the end zone.


The 49ers kick off to the Colts, #10 on the Colts receives the kickoff and is brought down by #18 Smith with the Colts taking over on the 34 yard line. A big run by #12 of the Colts  but he’s taken down by #5 Lincavage on the Niners. Colts #6 gains about 10 yards on an outside run, but he’s brought down by #5 Lincavage. The 49ers continue with their Defensive hold when the Colts QB was sacked by #25 Cook taking the Colts back to the 35 yard line making it 3rd and 16. The Colts turnover on down when the Niners make a big stop giving the Niners possession on their own 23 yard line.


The 49ers #12 Martin takes the handoff and on a run to the outside takes the ball up the middle to the Colts 35 yard line. The Niners pick up a first down with a run by #21 Jacko before being tackled on the 21 yard line. The Colts, taking advantage of a fumble by the 49ers, score when #53 recovered the ball and returned it for a touchdown. The Colts score the extra point when #6 keeps the ball on a broken play, running it to the outside.


The 49ers open their offensive drive with a big pass from #5 Lincavage to #28 Velazquez, a big after the catch run by #28 Valezques as he breaks several tackles before being brought down on the 17 yard line. First play of the second-quarter, #21 Jacko scores a touchdown. The extra point is no good when #5 Lincavage on a keeper up the middle is stopped short of the extra point.


The 49ers go with an onside kick, and #18 Smith successfully recovers the ball for the 49ers, with their offense back on the field, starting on the 36 yard line. On 4th and short the Niners fumble the ball deep in the backfield, they recover the ball but it’s short of a first down, with the Colts taking over on the 33 yard line.


The Colts have problems getting a drive going and #5 Lincavage comes up with a big tackle, bringing up 3rd down.The Colts do pick up the first down with #12 carrying the ball on a run to the outside and bringing it to the 22 yard line.  On a big run, #10 carried the ball to the outside broke several tackles before fumbling the ball with the 49ers recovering it. The referees rule that forward progress had stopped giving a balls back to the Colts. The Colts score with a 10 yard run with #6 hitting the edge and turning it up into the end zone. For the extra point, a handoff to #12 is stopped inches from the endzone, the extra point was no good.


The 49ers line up to receive the kick and #21 Jacko has a nice return to the Colts 36 yard line. The 49ers go with a handoff to #21 Jacko with a run up the middle, breaking several tackles, and races to the end zone. A QB Keeper by #5 Lincavage for the Niners is good for the extra point.


The 49ers start the second half by kicking off to the Colts. The kick return is stopped by #25 Cook & #99 Otts deep in Colts territory on the 5 yard line. A 30 yard run by #6 moves the Colts out of danger and earns them a first down and 8 on the 37 yard line. A big hit to #42 causes a fumble with the recovery by #25 Cook picking up the ball and carrying it to the Niners 27 yard line, stopping the offensive momentum the Colts were building up.


The 49er #5 Lincavage fakes a toss and runs, stiff arming two defenders and breaking a tackle for the first down. The 49ers couldn’t convert on 4th down which forced them to punt. The Colts were having problems gaining offensive momentum.  Later on in the drive, #52 Lopez from the 49ers sacked the quarterback. On the next play #25 Cook recovered a fumble, but the 49ers couldn’t get a drive going which caused a turnover on downs.  The colts #2 ran for a 15 yard gain, and later #12 connects a pass to #10 for a touchdown which tied the game 19-19.


A fumble by the 49ers, recovered by #53 of the Colts didn’t amount to much with a turnover on downs. The 49ers takeover and a handoff from #5 Lincavage to #21 Jacko resulted in a 40 yard gain. The 49ers couldn’t score before the game ended, forcing a sudden death overtime. The 49ers start off with the ball, #12 Martin receives the hand off and gains 4 yards. The 49ers then turn to #21 Jacko who runs into the end zone for the touchdown after breaking 4 tackles. The colts get the ball and just couldn’t get anything to happen which resulted in a 49ers win.


08 Oct 2016



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