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Raiders Vs. Ravens

Game Summary

With the night game of Week 3, Ravens at Raiders was going to be a fight to the finish. The Raiders won the coin toss and elected to receive. #21 Blake Allen had a solid return that brought the ball back to the Raven’s 30-yard line. #5 Isaac Lincavage, scored off of a 21 yard rush to the left that put the Raiders on the board early. After the Ravens received the ball, they failed to respond, and had a turnover on downs, giving the Raiders a short field. On a crucial 4th and long for the Raiders, they threw an incomplete pass and had a turnover on downs. Both teams would turn the ball over one more time each. Picking up steam, the Ravens drove all the way down the field into the red zone, when they found themselves on the raider’s 25 in a 4th and 12 situation, but failed to capitalize on the field position, with a turnover on downs. The Raiders took advantage of the turnover and drove the ball downfield inside the Raven’s 5. This allowed Raiders #80 Bierhauzen to punch in the go ahead touchdown to seal off the half.

Both teams had a few three and outs before the Ravens got into the Raider’s red zone. With a very important 4th and goal for the Ravens, they turned it over once again. This time though, the Raiders came back with a vicious drive and scored a touchdown with a rush up the middle to number #28 Austin to seal the game.

Final score: Raiders: 19 Ravens: zero

Players of the Week

Justin Austin

Justin Austin


Justin a.k.a Juggernaut brings intensity in both practice and at game time. He embodies the Raiders team spirit by playing whatever position the coaches ask of him. During the game with the Ravens he had several tackles behind the line of scrimmage as our Defensive End and in the 4th Quarter marched the ball down the field which resulted in a touchdown.

AJ Rodriguez

AJ Rodriguez

Contributing Writer

AJ has played in the FFL for the Saints, Bills and Raiders.  He’s is now a Junior Coach for the FFL Raiders and is the starting Center on the Freshman team at Newark Memorial High School.


24 Sep 2016







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