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Texans Vs. Falcons

Game Summary

Texans open the game by kicking off, #25 Castellon receives the ball and is brought down at the 36 yard line. The Falcons open up their series with a big run by #25 Castellon, bringing the ball to the 11 yard line. The second play of the drive, the Falcons handoff to #16 Bettencourt, who scored a Touchdown with a run up the middle . The extra point attempt, another run up the middle, was stopped by Texans #52 Yusi.

The Texans lined up to receive the ball, #9 Mackwood returns the ball and sheds a few tackles to move the ball up the field to the 35 yard line. Unfortunately, the Texans could not capitalize on the big return and were forced to punt on fourth down.  Falcons #25 Castellon was back to receive the punt and managed to carry the ball back to the 29 yard line. A blocking the back penalty against the Falcons put them back on their own 28 yard line. On a QB keeper by #52 Pereda on the Falcons, he picks up the first down with the ball on the 32 yard line. The Falcons keep chipping the ball down the field with #32 Polk carrying the ball 5 yards before being tackled by Texans #80 Abela. On a big defensive play, #52 Yusi and #89 Sedano rush in and get a tackle behind the line of scrimmage, forcing a 3rd down and long. Falcons #80 Franklin on a handoff carries the ball down the sideline breaking a couple tackles and taking it in for a touchdown. Falcons #5 Guerra takes it up the middle to score the extra point.

The Texans #52 Yusi receives the kick and returns it to the 33 yard line. On the first play, Falcons #80 Franklin works his way into the backfield for a big sack behind the line of scrimmage. On 3rd down and 13, the Texans could not convert and got stopped in the backfield by #44 Lewis from the Falcons. On 4th down, the Texans punt the ball with #11 Deleon back to receive, returning the ball back to the 17 yard line. With a fresh Falcons series, the Texans #16 Rost and #9 Mackwood stop the Falcons on 1st down. The Falcons #25 Castellon picks up 7 yards with an off tackle run bringing it to 4th and 1 at the 10 yard line to start the second quarter.  The Falcons pick up the 1 yard gain for the 1st down but a big tackle by Texans #77 Carrigg stopped the Falcons from progressing further. On a run play, #25 Castellon looked to be poised to score, but was stopped on the 2 yard line by Texans #77 Carrigg. The Falcons do eventually score on a carry by #4 Mendoza. The extra point was good with #21 Espinoza carrying the ball into the end zone.

Texans #9 Mackwood was back to receive the kick and carried the ball to the 19 yard line. On the first play, the Texans fumbled, and #16 Bettencourt recovered the ball, with the Falcons taking over on the 7 yard line. On a drive to the end zone, #80 Abela with the Texans , makes a big stop bringing up 2nd and Goal. The Falcons try again and are successful on a run by #20 Adams carrying the ball into the end zone. On the P.A.T., Texans #77 Carrigg had yet another great stop in the backfield holding the Falcons from scoring the extra point.

On the next Texans series, they couldn’t get a drive going and were forced to punt from the 19 yard line. Falcons #11 Deleon returned the ball down the right side of the field going through mid-field traffic, before cutting it outside and returns it for a touchdown. The Falcons failed to convert the extra point with an incomplete pass.

Final 32 – 0

Players of the Week


Inderveer Malhi


In the past two weeks, Inderveer Malhi has been coming into his own as strong Linebacker.

He started the season on the line and at Tight end.  It seems though that he has found his niche on the football field.  In his first play on his own he figured to move with the motioned Tight end.  He had various plays thrown towards him and run towards him and like a seasoned vet he has been cool under pressure.  This past weekend against the Falcons he made a stupendous tackle stopping a Falcon Running back from making a Touch Down.  The coaching staff sees big things for Inderveer the rest of the year.

Joey Mendoza

Joey Mendoza


Joey was voted week 4 player of the week by The Falcons Coaching Staff for his continuous hard work in practice and the 100% effort he gave for his 1st TD of the season. Joey is one of the smallest players on our roster but has a huge heart and has not given up on any play in practice or a game all season long. We are happy to have him on the team and look foward to help him enjoy the sport of football in anyway we can. Thank you Joey for being a great team player.

Cheerleaders of the Week





Our Cheerleader of the week is Kaliyah.  She is fearless! Kaliyah is not afraid to try any position, dance or cheer as well as base or flyer in the stunt group.  She is happy to learn new things and picks up routines quickly.  She has a great attitude and sassy moves, truly an awesome addition to the team this year. Congratulations Kaliyah!!


01 Oct 2016







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