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Steelers Vs. 49ers

Game Summary

On the opening kick off, Steelers #12 Alcantara received the kick and was tackled at the 30 yard line by #99 Otts on the 49ers. The Steelers failed to convert on third down and opted to punt. After a short punt, the 49ers take over in Steeler territory on the 30 yard line. On first down, #21 Jacko for the Niners runs the ball 30 yard for a touchdown. For the point after attempt, a hand off from #5 Lincavage to #21 Jacko resulted in a successful conversion.

The Steelers #20 Abbasi received the kick off but was brought down on the 30 yard line by the 49ers. The Steelers found themselves in a third and long situation when #28 Velazquez on the 49ers tackles Steelers #12 Alcantara bring up a long fourth down, forcing the Steelers to punt. A short 5 yard punt didn’t give the Steelers much breathing room with the 49ers taking over deep in steeler territory on the 25 yard line. On first down, 49ers #5 Lincavage connects with #12 Martin on the pass for a 30 yard touchdown. They 49ers are successful on the P.A.T. with a QB sneak up the middle for the extra point. The 49ers opt for an onside kick which they successfully recovered, taking over at the 40 yard line.  49ers #12 Martin on a reverse takes the ball 40 yards down the field for a touchdown. The 49ers convert on the point after with a toss out to #21 Jacko.

Steelers #12 Alcantara was back to return the deep kick by the 49ers, returning it to the 26 yard line.  During their drive, Steelers receive a first down on a late hit penalty by the 49ers making it 1st and 8 on the 40 yard line. The pass by #12 Alcantara is picked off by the 49ers #12 Martin, but is called back after a roughing the passer penalty. The Steelers pick up a block in the back penalty which pushes them back to the 38 yard line. On 4th down, the Steelers call for a fake punt and were not able to convert the first down, the 49ers took over on the 33 yard line. On the first play, the 49ers #21 Jacko runs the ball in for 38 yard touchdown. On the extra point, the 49ers called on #21 Jacko again to run it up the middle for the extra point.

Starting off the Steelers drive, #28 Hunter puts up a big 8 yard run for a first down, ending the 1st quarter with the Steelers looking like they’re gearing up for a strong offensive front. On 4th and 2 yards, Steelers #21 Talbot moves the ball with a big run to the outside picking up the 1st down and landing the Steelers in the red zone on the 22 yard line. Unfortunately, the Steelers could not drive it down the field into the end zone, turning over the ball to the 49ers on the 26 yard line. On their next possession, the 49ers, on the fourth and long call a QB sneak with #5 Lincavage rushing 60 yards down the field for a TD. Tapping #5 Lincavage again for the P.A.T., the 49ers run a QB Keeper up the middle for the extra point.

The Steelers take over on the 30 yard line and start their offensive drive. The Steelers fumble the ball and the niners recover on the 26 yard line putting them in scoring position. On the 49ers 1st down, they fumble , but it’s recovered by the 49ers for a 12 yard loss.  The 49ers fail to score the TD before the end of the half with the score, 49ers 35 – Steelers 0.

The 49ers received the ball to start the 2nd half.  On a 2nd down #21 Jacko scored on a toss.  The extra point by was carried by #21 Jacko, after he fumbled the ball, but recovered it in the end zone. The Steelers take over on the 30 yard line, but after three and out, the Steelers punt the ball away. After a short punt, the 49ers take over on the steelers 31 yard line. #21 Jacko scores on 3rd down putting another six points on the board. The extra point is good. On the Steelers next possession on a third and long, the Steelers throw up a deep pass, but it’s picked off by #21 Jacko and returned for a touchdown, ending the game 55 – 0.

Cheerleaders of the Week





The Steelers Cheerleader of the Week is Gracelyn Super.  Gracelyn is one of two cheer captains on our squad and the experience that she’s brought to the team has been very helpful.  Her encouragement of the girls is commendable and she can be counted on to be a strong leader.  We have enjoyed having Grace this year and we appreciate the fun and funky vibe that she brings with her everywhere she goes.  Great job Gracie!!




This week our 49er Gold Rush of the week is Cierra!! She is a 4th year cheerleader with amazing skills. Cierra is a talented base, with beautiful jumps and a fun personality that always lightens the mood. Cierra is a natural performer! Thank you Cierra for your hard work, Great Job!!


01 Oct 2016







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