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Broncos Vs. Vikings

Game Summary

Broncos receive the kick off, and return it to the 20 yard line to start their drive. Vikings #55 Odom-Pachio makes a big stop in the backfield, bringing up 2nd down and 12 yards. A big pass from QB #5 Hayes to #85 Fontillas on the Broncos earns a first down as he battles his way out to the 33 yard line. On 2nd down, the Broncos are sacked in the back field for a big loss bringing up a 3rd and long situation.  Another sack in the back field puts the Broncos at fourth and long forcing a punt. A short  punt puts the ball on the Broncos 25 yard line and in scoring territory for the Vikings.  The Vikings open up with an off-tackle run by #5 Lajes, but he is brought down by #23 Narh after a 15 yard gain. The Vikings again give the ball to #5 Lajes who runs up the middle, breaking tackles and is finally brought down by #80 Ellis on the Broncos. To close out the series, a run up the middle by #23 Hernandez, who finds the end zone for the touchdown. The extra point kick by #55 Odom-Pachio is good.

Broncos start their second drive after #5 Hayes recovers the kick and returns it to the 28 yard line. The Broncos on a broken pass play fumble the ball, but recover it back on the 8 yard line for a loss. Broncos #11 Ramos tries to hit the edge on the run but is forced to go back to the middle of the field where he was tackled in the end zone for a safety.  Broncos kick the ball off with #4 Flores on the return who carried the ball to the 18 yard line before being forced out of bounds by #6 Sanchez. The Vikings are again pressing into Broncos’s territory. On 2nd down, Vikings #5 Lajes carries the ball to the 1 yard line with the Broncos making the stop in front of the end zone. A run up the middle by #23 Hernandez is met by the Broncos defensive line for the stop. On 4th down, a pitch to #5 Lajes as he hits the edge and turns it upfield for the touchdown. The P.A.T kick was successful.

Vikings kick the ball off with Broncos #23 Narh receiving the kick and racing the ball upfield with a nice return putting the Broncos in Viking territory at the 26 yard line. On a deep pass, #2 Botehlo for the Vikings almost picks it off, bringing up third and eight for the Broncos. On 4th and long, the Broncos fail to convert with the Vikings forcing a turnover on downs. A big pass from #2 Botehlo to #3 Tafoya on the Vikings results in a 1st down deep in Broncos territory.  The Vikings get a new set of downs starting from the Broncos 9 yard line. The Vikings continue their drive with a 9 yard touchdown run. The kick is good bringing the score to Vikings 26 , Broncos 0.


01 Oct 2016







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