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Bears Vs. Ravens

Game Summary

The Ravens start the game with a deep kick to #2 Lopez on the Bears 30 yard line and he returns it all the way to the end zone. On the extra point, the Ravens rush in and get a hand on the ball, stopping the P.A.T..

The Bears kick it off and #52 Elkabbany from the Ravens recovers the ball. On the Ravens opening drive,  they pick up 4 yards and a penalty by the Bears results in a Ravens first down.  On a big 4th and 1 yard situation, the Ravens pick up a blocking the back penalty, but #22 Schetzel for the ravens carries the ball 5 yards for the first down. Continuing to drive the ball down the field, the Ravens convert again on 4th down when #22 Schetzel carried it one yard past the marker for the first down. With a new set of downs and in the Bears red zone, the Ravens fumble and #55 Rodriguez recovers the ball and the Bears takeover on the 15 yard line. On their first attempt,  #3 Hoskinson carries the ball 65 yards for the touchdown. The extra point kick was short. The Ravens line up to receive the ball and start their next series with good field position on the 35 yard line. The Bears had a great defensive stop forcing the Ravens to go three and out. The Ravens opt to punt and the Bears take over on the 29 yard line. To end the first quarter, #3 Hoskinson rushes 40 yards down the field for a touchdown bringing the score to 18 – 0.

The Bears kickoff is received by #21 McHenry on the ravens. On a big third and long, the Ravens drop back to pass and it is intercepted by #2 Lopez of the Bears, and he runs the ball back to the 11 yard line. A handoff to #8 Medina, with a run to the outside results in a Bears touchdown. Ravens special teams back on the field to receive the kick, and they take over on the 25 yard line. On fourth and long the Ravens are forced to punt. The punt is received by #3 Hoskinson and returned for a touchdown.  The extra point was good with a pass from #3 Hoskinson to number #30 Gonzales. After an unsuccessful offensive series the Ravens punt and the bears take over on the 12 yard line. A big pass to #4 Campbell on the Bears brings up first and eighth at the 9 yard line. On an option play, the pitch from #3 Hoskinson to #30 Gonzales results in the Bears scoring. The extra point was good with the pass to #11 Campbell in the end zone. With the Ravens looking to score before the half, they fumbled a snap but recover the ball. On a deep pass #4 Campbell from the Bears intercepts it and returns it to the 12 yard line. The Bears take a knee to end end the first half with the score 38 bears Raven 0.

The Ravens start the second half with the ball on the 30 yard line. The Ravens gain 3 yards on the drive and are forced to punt on 4th down. The Bears get a hand on the punt and the ball goes out of bounds on the 36 yard line. On a sweep play, a successful handoff from #3 Hoskinson to #2 Lopez, the Bears are able to move the ball down the field for a touchdown. For the extra point, the Bears run a QB keeper and #8 Medina slips and the conversion is no good. Ravens take over with a first and eight on the 30 yard line. On the first play, the Ravens fumble the ball and it’s recovered by the Bears #42 Delacruz on the 27 yard line. The carry by bears #30 Gonzales almost makes it into the end zone but he’s brought down by #84 Khairy on the Ravens. Bears #30 Gonzales carries the ball up the middle for the TD and it ends the game with a final score of 50 to 0.


01 Oct 2016







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