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Livermore Falcons Vs. Panthers

Game Summary

The FFL Panthers hit the road for their first road game in Livermore, against the Livermore Falcons. Upon arrival the size differential was obvious but that didn’t stop the Panthers. The Panthers started with the ball on the Falcons 35, after a sequence of well played out run plays and a first down. Falcons defense held up and forced a turnover on downs, shortly after receiving possession the Falcons took the ball to the air for the first score of the day. The score stayed the same till the end of the quarter.


To start the 2nd quarter Falcons took to the field and scored early, extending their lead to 13-0. After a quick 3 and out, Falcons took possession again. On a first down Falcons run up the middle but with a great form tackle by #30 Ben Diaz the ball was stripped out for a Panther possession. Upon receiving the ball #38 Joseph Guerra broke a few tackles and went on a 44 yard terror to put the Panthers on the board, 13-6. To end the half Falcons score and the extra point was good making the score 20-6.  The Panthers may have been down but they never gave up and fought hard throughout the game.  During halftime the Pantherettes put on a solid cheer for their team and invigorated the visiting Panther Players and Crowd.


The 2nd half was grueling battle but the Panthers fell short and were beaten by a final score of 33-6. Although the Panthers had lost they continued to keep their heads up and fight hard against a much bigger and older team.  The Panthers came into the game with three key disadvantages: age, size and number of players of on their team; however their heart and passion to show each other, their coaches and parents that they will play hard from the start of the game until the last whistle no matter what circumstances.

Player of the Week

Jordyn Guaraldi

Jordyn Guaraldi


Jordyn is a second year player on the Panthers.  Jordyn’s nickname since joining the Panthers last year is Mighty Mouse.  He might be one of the smaller players on our team, but he didn;t get his nickname for being small. Jordyn comes to play football and when he comes to tackle, he brings the pain.  Jordyn comes with a great attitude and has fun playing foortall and making new friends at the same time. He is a great player for his fellow Panthers to strive to tackle like.

Cheerleader of the Week




Mauriah is our Pantherette of the week. She is the youngest, but mightiest on our team. She has been a proud Pantherette for 3 seasons now.  Every year she seems to amaze us more and more with her technique and style. Mauriah has amazing jumps and kicks. She is also a tumbling superstar. Mauriah is a great team player, she does whatever we ask of her without complaining. Willing to help others when need be.  This season she has had to do a lot of different positions that she is not used to, but she is handling it like a pro. She is our Player of the week!

Brian Qualls

Panthers Coach - Contributing Author

Brian is an Assistant Coach for the Panthers


18 Sep 2016



Livermore Falcons




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