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Ravens Vs. Broncos

Game Summary

The first quarter stayed a tight game, neither the Ravens nor the Broncos scored until in the second quarter. #2 on the Broncos ran for a 60 yard touchdown run and number #85 punched in the extra point. Later, #33 ran for a 30 yard touchdown run which brought the score to 7-6 Ravens trailing by one point.  The Broncos get the ball on the 18 yard line, when #20 throws the ball and connects with his wide receiver to put them on the 1 yard line. #85 scores a Broncos touchdown and gets the extra point bringing the score to 16-6.  With the Broncos up, the Ravens then threw a pick to #2 to close the 1st half.

The Broncos start the second half off strong but just couldn’t get a score which resulted in a turnover. The Ravens then powered the ball until they fumbled and #77 from the broncos recovered the football. The Broncos or Ravens battled back and forth, but couldn’t get anything going until the Ravens fumbled again on the 20 yard line. The Broncos recovered and #5 ran it in for a Broncos touchdown which then made the score 23-6. The Broncos close the game with a knee, Broncos 23 Ravens 6.

Cheerleader of the Week


Ayah Ismail

Ayah Ismail


This cheerleader has shown herself to be a leader, takes it upon herself to encourage the girls when times are rough, when spirits are down and when someone is hurting. She sets herself to a high expectation which she thrives to make herself and the team better by her actions. She is always willing to put herself last, to speak up and let others take the spot light, especially those who may not have had the chance. She has maintained a positive spirit, she works hard and also does well in school and home. I have been able to lean and count on her since day one. She has earned the title as “Captain” of the team and leads the cheers in confidence. I am very proud of her and am honored to nominate her as the first cheerleader as Cheerleader of the Week.

Darian Lopez

Darian Lopez

Contributing Writer

Darian has played in the FFL for both the Bills and the Broncos.  He’s is now a Junior Coach for the FFL Raiders and is playing QB, Wide Receiver and Cornerback as a Freshman at Newark Memorial High School


17 Sep 2016







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