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Vikings Vs. Bears

Game of the Week - Rivalry in the Making!

Game Summary

The opening kick off resulted in the Vikings #4 Flores returning the kick for a touchdown, the Vikings failed to convert the P.A.T. with a missed kick. #8 Medina on the Bears threw a 20 yard pass to #11 Campbell on a 2nd and 8 moving the Bears into the Red Zone. #3 Noah Hoskinson threw a 20 yard pass to #11 Campbell, who made a leaping one-handed catch and ran the distance for a quick touchdown. The Bears failed to convert the P.A.T..

The second quarter stayed a tight game until the Bears threw a interception at the goal line to number #4 Flores on the Vikings. The Vikings #5 Jesse Lajes marched the ball down the field with at least 6 yards per carry. At the goal line, the Vikings quarterback #2 Botelho rolled out and threw a beautiful pass to #4 Flores which resulted in a touchdown. The Vikings intercepted on the Bears 1 yard line, resulting in a safety which gave the Bears another chance to score before the half. The Bears were successful in moving the ball down the field until a fumble recovered by the Vikings ended the first half.

In the 3rd Quarter, a bad snap by the bears resulted in a safety which gave the Vikings momentum marching down field resulting in a Touchdown when #3 Tyler Tafoya then takes the ball right up the gut on a dive moving the scoreboard to 22-6 Vikings.  The bears started to gain momentum, moving the ball up the field with #8 Medina throwing a nice 10 yard pass over the head of the corner to his running back #3 Noah Hoskinson which resulted in a bears touchdown.

The final result was a win for the Vikings with a final score of 22-12

Darian Lopez

Darian Lopez

Contributing Writer

Darian has played in the FFL for both the Bills and the Broncos.  He’s is now a Junior Coach for the FFL Raiders and is playing QB, Wide Receiver and Cornerback as a Freshman at Newark Memorial High School


10 Sep 2016







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