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Saints Vs. Panthers

Game Summary

As the first FFL game of 2016, everyone knew the Panthers vs. Saints game was going to be a good one. The saints started off with the ball, starting a good drive while move the ball down the field.  The drive ended with a fumble by #28 Davis with the Panthers recovering the ball. The Panthers then drive resulted in a turnover on downs. In a strong defensive showing by the Panthers, the Saints failed to convert after 3 downs. In a risky move, the Saints went for it on a crucial 4th and 6, and #21 Fitch ran for a 30 yard gain that took us to the end of the first-quarter.

The first play of the 2nd quarter the Panthers recovered a fumble that turned the tide of the game. 2 plays later, #38 Guerra, scored a 65 yard touchdown off of a bootleg to the outside (the 2 Point conversion was no good). The Saints received the ball at the 30 and started a good drive that led to a significant fourth and eight on the 35 yard line with 1:36 to go. #18, T.J. Nagarkar, had a clutch 35 yard touchdown with a right bootleg to the outside. After the kickoff, The Panthers scored off of a sweep to the left that was called back because of offensive holding. After that, the Panthers failed to produce anything  before the half ended.(Saints: 6 Panthers: 6)

The Panthers started off with the ball in the second half, but faltered on fourth down. The Saints were on a short field, but fumbled on the 25 yard line. The Panthers started what looked like a promising drive that finished out the 3rd quarter. At the beginning of the fourth-quarter the Saints turned the game around with a 3 yard sack by #80 Imran on 4th down. The Saints retaliated quickly with a 22 yard touchdown on a bootleg by #18 T.J. Nagarkar. With 7:18 left in the game, the Panthers needed to score. #38 Guerra saved the drive on third down with a 20 yard gain to the outside. The Saint’s defense was holding them down as they caused 4th and 12. It was do or die for the Panthers. They gave the ball to #38 Guerra on a sweep to the right. He missed 2 Saints before he was taken down by three Saints. With a little less then two minutes, the Saints had to run out the clock before Panthers had another chance at the end zone. #18,T.J, once again had worked his magic on the bootleg to the outside and had an 18 yard gain that sealed the game. The Saints went into victory formation and won the game.

Players of the Week

#38 Joseph Guerra


Joseph Guerra is entering his first year playing Tackle Football and the FFL.  Joseph stepped on the field with his teammates and has been a phenomenal student of the game.  Joseph is always on time for practice in full gear and ready to go.  He never complains at practice, always ready to jump into any drill the coaches have set in front of him.  During the Panthers first game, Joseph lead his team on both sides of the ball.  The Panther coaching staff have enjoyed working with Joseph and expect continued success for him.

AJ Rodriguez

AJ Rodriguez

Contributing Writer

AJ has played in the FFL for the Saints, Bills and Raiders.  He’s is now a Junior Coach for the FFL Raiders and is the starting Center on the Freshman team at Newark Memorial High School.


10 Sep 2016







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