We are so proud to announce that our FFL Competition Cheer squad, the Gems, have brought a USA National Championship home!┬áThe Gems squad is comprised of 13 cheerleaders ranging from 7-14 years of age lead by 5 coaches and 4 managing staff.The Gems went to USA Nationals this past weekend in Anaheim carrying with them an undefeated season after winning first place and receiving their bid to Nationals from both regional competitions at Merrill West and James Logan High Schools.┬áThis was the first recent season the league formed a competitive cheer team. It was a HUGE success. The team practiced many hours to prepare for these competitions and each one they won their awesome coaches increased the intensity of their routine to enable them to compete at this level. These young ladies thrived at the challenge and were able to not only compete with the best but win the USA National Championship in their division. The Gems families supported by fundraising to get the girls their as well as being a huge part of their success. As they say “it takes a village” and they needed and had one supporting them. Congratulations GEMS Family on this well deserved accomplishment!