Dear Fremont Football & Cheer League (FFL) Community Members,

It’s been a little while since you heard directly from me, so I wanted to update you on some of the things we have been working on as a League. Below, I’ve highlighted some of the changes you can expect for the 2017 Season, and ways you can help to make FFL the best it can be.

The Board of Directors is continuing to promote the League values of Community, Accountability, Respect, Education, and Sportsmanship, while building on the improvements made last season. In particular, we have emphasized our mission to “Offer a safe youth sports experience to all participants by embracing high standards with equipment, instruction, and overall environment.”


  • Moved from 3 Divisions to 4 Divisions to better align football ages and weights to established player progression models.
  • Added a player skill/experience evaluation element into our player Division assignment process
  • Partnered with high school, college, and professional level instructors for football and cheer camps.
  • Required all football coaches to be certified by USA Football in the latest Heads Up tackling and blocking techniques.
  • Required all cheer coaches teaching stunting to be certified by AACCA in the latest cheer stunting techniques.
  • Developed a plan for increased monitoring, evaluating, and correcting of techniques for tackling, blocking, and cheer stunting
  • Increased standards for coach program development (mandatory- written emergency plans, written practice plans, coaching philosophy aligned to Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) standards, etc.).
  • Established Divisional group practices for the start of the football season to ensure all participants receive safe acclimatization and appropriate training in the fundamentals of the sport.
  • Removed Special Teams play from the 8-U and 10-U Divisions.
  • Continued centralized equipment distribution to ensure only trained staff perform equipment fitting
  • Increased the amount of training and resources available to our parents
  • Work to reduce overall cost to families
    • Vigorously pursued Corporate Sponsorship
    • Increased league-wide fundraisers
    • Reduced mandatory individual fundraisers
    • Reducing league expenses whenever possible
  • Increased community building opportunities through league-wide and community events

There has been a lot of good work done and the league is moving in the right direction. But, to be honest, we are not quite where we would like to be. We need your help in improving the overall environment of the league. If there is not a drastic increase in registration, we will need to implement our back up plan of limiting Football to two (2) teams per Division and Cheer to two (2) teams total. To be specific, there will be interleague play with some travel. Cheer will have one (1) combined team for the 8-U & 10-U Divisions and one (1) combined team for the 12-U & 14-U Divisions. These are not bad things. They just provide a different experience than what we would prefer.

So you know, July is historically a large enrollment month for FFL. As a community, we can still work to achieve the original plan. We have the opportunity to demonstrate, as a league, a principle we teach our participants, “How to dig deep, and work hard, in the face of adversity, so that you can ultimately achieve your goals”. You can “dig deep, and work hard” by doing the following:

  • Register
    • If you have not already registered, please do so now.
    • Returning football players must register prior to July 15th to be eligible for holdover status.
    • All Cheer registration close on July 15th.
    • You can register online, anytime, at, or in person at Irvington Community Park on July 1, July 8, or July 15 from 10 am – 3 pm.
  • Recruit participants and coaches to the league
    • If every participant who signs up recruits one participant to play (no, they can’t recruit each other), we can stay with our original plan.
    • If you refer a friend who has not participated in FFL in the prior season, you are eligible to receive a $50 credit. This credit can be used toward fundraising, league merchandise or events. Better yet, refer more friends and the credits stack up! To earn the refer a friend credit, make sure your friend notes on their registration that they were referred by you, and you contact us at FFL to confirm your referral. Contact
  • Participate in community events to raise league awareness, build community and have fun
    • 4th of July Parade – Come and walk with us in the Fremont 4th of July parade. We will meet at 9:30 at the Fremont Library (entrant #59). Wear your old jersey or cheer uniform (if you have one), or we will have loaner jerseys available. Be a part of the community, promote Fremont Football & Cheer, and celebrate the 4th.
    • Street Eats (July 14th) – Join us at Street Eats (Capitol Avenue between State Street and Fremont Blvd ) from 5 pm – 9 pm. Come out in your FFL gear, eat some good food, listen to music, and have fun. And, if you feel like it, promote the league to people who have questions. But mostly just enjoy the community event.
    • FREE Football & Cheer Camp/Clinic (July 15th) – Be sure to participate in our 3rd and Final Football & Cheer Camp/Clinic. This is a great opportunity to have fun, learn the fundamentals of the sport, compete/perform one last time before the season. It is open to all participants regardless of skill level, experience, or registrations status. So, bring a friend, have a good time, and get better.
  • Promote and participate in league wide fundraisers.
    • Applebee’s Breakfast fundraiser (July 23rd & August 13th) – Get some breakfast, with friends and family, while supporting the league, and reducing the individual fundraising needed. Tickets are $11/plate.
    • Restaurant takeovers, pasta feed, jamboree, and other events will be going on throughout the year. The more support you give, the better the overall environment will be.

As we move forward on improving Fremont Football and Cheer, I urge you to make sure that you are a part of that process. Without the support of our families this league will not continue. The families have been the backbone of this league for the last 53 years.  I urge you to join that tradition and contribute your time and dedication to FFL.   The more you are willing to help, the better the program will be. We look forward to your participation and support during this upcoming season.


Russell Sass