Dear Fremont Football & Cheer Community Members,

The Board of Directors and I would like to welcome you to the 2017 Season.   In the month since taking office, we have been working hard to make sure this is a great season.  Hopefully, you’ve seen some of our activities via our increased presence on social media.  We believe in this League and what it stands for in the community. Many of us have been involved with this league for many years first as participants, and then as parents, coaches, and/or general support.  We have a personal interest in seeing this league flourish.

We are continuing to promote the League values of Community, Accountability, Respect, Education, and Sportsmanship.   We are building on the improvements made last season, including:

  • Better pre-season mini-camps,
  • On-line registration and purchasing
  • Participation in community events (4th of July & Niles Parades, Street Eats, and others),
  • Improved safety through assured lights for practices, new shoulder pads & equipment for players, and mandatory training for all coaches,
  • Championship/Allstar games at Tak Stadium
  • Updates to our Bylaws

This year you will find a renewed commitment to the Fremont Football and Cheer League Mission Statement.

Our Mission Statement

  1. Offer a safe youth sports experience to all participants by embracing high standards with equipment, instruction, and overall environment.
  2. To develop the physical and mental fitness of boys and girls ages 6 to 14.
  3. Provide understanding and acceptance of good sportsmanlike behavior utilizing the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) respect for ROOTS.
  4. a) Rules – Refuse to bend the rules to win.
  5. b) Officials – Accept the calls on the field without losing your focus.
  6. c) Opponents – Every opponent is a worthy opponent and is worthy of respect.
  7. d) Team – Work together not against each other.
  8. e) Self – Carry yourself to your own standards even when others don’t.
  9. Teach the basic skills and fundamentals of football and cheerleading with qualified adult leadership
  10. Develop positive coaching and teaching skills, knowledge, and attitudes through clinics and training programs for staff. All football staff will be certified through the USA Football Heads Up coaching program, to ensure the safest experience for all participants.
  11. Provide a recreational program that promotes involvement and enjoyment for the participants and their families.

As we move forward on improving Fremont Football and Cheer, we feel that it is important to make sure that you are a part of that process.  With out the support of our families this league will not continue. The families have been the backbone of this league for the last 53 years.  I urge you to join that tradition and contribute your time and dedication to FFL.   The more you are willing to help, the better the program will be. We look forward to your participation and support during this upcoming season.

Russell Sass