Dear Fremont Football Community,

As the 2016 season comes to an official end today, we would like to thank each and every one of you on your participation and support of Fremont Football League.  It was a wonderful year, despite some bumps and obstacles.  Our main priority was, and will always be, the children.  Every year we strive to provide a fulfilling experience with football and cheerleading.

This year was quite different than previous years.  We had a new board and brought in some changes for the betterment of the league. We had so many ideas for 2016, and tried to implement as many as we could. As a board, we know some things did not work and those will be looked at for the 2017 season.  The board will continue to work in the off season to create an even better program going forward.

With a new board taking over as of February 1st, Sarina and myself want to ensure our families that Fremont Football League will continue to move in a direction that has your family’s best interest in mind. We would like to introduce your new President, Russell Sass and Vice President, Kevin Austin.  These two individuals have already put in countless hours of work this year. They are eager to take over the program and get started on providing a successful 2017 season.  I am confident that Russell and Kevin, along with the other newly elected members, will do a wonderful job. We will continue to work with the new board to provide a smooth transition. If you have any questions, please feel to contact them at any time, as they would love input from our community.

I personally would like to thank you all.  After 10 years with the league it is now time for me to move on.  I have thoroughly enjoyed being apart of Fremont Football League.  I appreciate the friendships I have made and will miss being here.  This league is more than just football and cheerleading.  It is truly a family.  I am proud of the time I have spent here and it has been my pleasure serving every family in Fremont Football League.  With out the support of our families this league could not continue.  I would like to urge everyone to contribute their time and dedication to FFL.  This league is going on its 53rd year.  It takes a lot of volunteers to keep this going. The more help we get, means a better program that can be provided. Again, thank you all for allowing me to be apart of this amazing program and I wish you all the best.

Thank you!

Enjoli Perkins
2016 FFL Vice President and Cheer Director