FFL BOD Descriptions

This document provides a suggested structure of Board positions and responsibilities. It includes a general Board of Directors and an Executive Committee. These roles and responsibilities should be explained in the league’s bylaws.

This person is elected or appointed to serve as the leader of the youth football organization. It requires someone who is fundamentally sound in leading a group of adult volunteers to ensure a positive youth football experience for players, coaches, game officials and parents. The responsibilities of the commissioner/president may include working with individuals on the Board of Directors to ensure the following:

  • The league is operating with financial stability and in good standing with the community
  • Risk management (insurance, emergency action plan)
  • Reserving all practice and game facilities
  • Game schedules
  • Securing officials
  • Fundraising
  • Coaching development
  • Player registration
  • Maintaining proper equipment that has been sanitized and reconditioned

Vice president
This person’s role is largely determined by the duties delegated by the commissioner/president and as such should be someone who is able to take on delegated tasks and see them through to completion. Within some organizations, there may be separate vice presidents to oversee different duties within the league. The vice president also serves the commissioner/president’s role in the event that person is absent.

This person assumes the responsibility for the financial arm of the organization. Those duties may include:

  • Signing checks co-signed by another director (or as directed by the organization’s bylaws)
  • Dispensing league funds as approved by the board of directors
  • Providing reports on the status of league funds
  • Maintaining financial records
  • Preparing budgets

This role requires a highly organized individual who communicates important messages throughout the organization. The secretary typically assists with the registration process, records meeting minutes, is responsible for sending out notices of meetings and maintains a record of league’s activities.

Player Agent
This person is responsible for all facets of the league registration process. He or she is responsible for the collection of paper forms and payments and/or all online registration transactions. This person works closely with the treasurer to ensure that all registration funds are properly collected, accounted for and deposited.

Executive Manager
Responsible to work with local parks and recreation/city/schools to secure agreements for practice and game fields and serve as the main point of contact to assemble the overall master game schedule, this person also is responsible for notifying all parties of any changes to the schedule.

Cheer Director
Subject to the ultimate authority of the Board of Directors, it shall be the responsibility of the Cheer Director to direct all league organization on all matters concerning cheerleading.

  • Oversee all operations of the Cheer program
  • Plan and coordinate the recruitment of cheer coaches and present final coach recommendations to the Board of Directors
  • Review, investigate and respond to all coach and parents questions and complaints in a timely manner
  • Ensure Cheer team participation at registration, physicals and other Association
  • Responsible for developing the cheer program budget and obtaining Board approval
  • Responsible for ensuring that all cheer coaches understand Association Fremont Football and Cheer rules and procedures
  • Ensure coverage at all FFl meetings (must attend in person or designate a substitute).
  • Ensure all FFL Cheer rules are followed and plan and coordinate participation at all cheer competitions (including event security)
  • Cheer Managers, Cheer report to this position
  • Recommended that this person should have Cheer Head Coach experience for at least one season
  • Order and maintain all Cheer uniform and equipment

Snack Bar Coordinator
Shall be responsible for purchasing supplies and will turning all money to the Treasurer. The Manager will conduct the normal business of the snack Bar.

This person is responsible for overseeing all content associated with the organizations website. This includes its registration system, rosters, schedules, directions and overall content strategy. It is important that this person is always informed on all matters related to the league.

Booster President 
This person is responsible for working with fundraising partners to ensure the success of initiatives that meet the organization’s financial goals.

Player Safety Coach (Director, coaching) 
This person is responsible for the development of coaches within the organization to ensure a better, safer experience for every player. It is important for this person to work with the Board of Directors to establish a minimum threshold of coaching education to ensure every coach has been certified by USA Football’s Level 1 Coach Certification and has been educated on the proper fundamentals and key elements of Heads Up Football. This person should be required to interview new Heads Up Coach and Safety Clinics, host coach training sessions throughout the year and spend time observing the overall quality of coaching throughout the organization.

Equipment Manager
This person is responsible for maintaining an organized equipment strategy for the league. Responsibilities may include equipment storing procedures, maintenance and reconditioning plan. The equipment manager also recommends to the Board of Directors a strategy as it pertains to equipment purchasing and coordinates all matters related to proper equipment fitting and checkout procedures. This is an important role for any organization, and USA Football recommends that the equipment manager secure a few additional volunteers to help him or her throughout the year.

USA Football Liaison
This liaison is responsible for managing all aspects of the league’s relationship with USA Football, ensuring that all policies and procedures for the league’s partnership with USA Football are being met. It is at the discretion of the league whether this liaison has a vote on the league Board of Directors

Weigh Master
Responsible for weighing players before the start of the game. Works with coaches of both teams to ensure accurate documentation of each players weight and recording same in Official Team Roster. Needs to be at field 1.5 hours prior to game.

Field Maintenance Manager
The Field Maintenance Manager is responsible for the following:

  • Develop schedule for person to paint the lines on the playing fields.
  • Ensure that there are enough cement blocks and rope for the playing fields and parking lot.
  • Rope off three parking spots in the parking lot for designated League parking.
  • Responsible for maintaining goal posts and will check bleachers weekly for safety.
  • Ensure that there is enough equipment for both fields to operate.
  • Check inventory before and after every game to ensure that nothing is missing.
  • Responsible for ensuring all field items are put away at night and properly secured and locked.