The standings and Game Center for week 2 have been posted. Congratulations to our Players and Cheerleaders of the Week!

Week 2 Standings


Livermore Raiders Vs. Saints
Livermore Falcons Vs. Panthers
Raiders Vs. Vikings
Broncos Vs. Ravens
Texans Vs. 49ers
Falcons Vs. Steelers

Players of the Week

Panthers: Jordyn Guaraldi
Raiders: Mathew Cannataro
Falcons: Mauricio Zavaleta Jr.
Texans: Logan Lopez

Cheerleaders of the Week

Saints Cheer: Rylee
Panthers Cheer: Mauriah
Broncos Cheer: Ayah Ismail
Steelers Cheer: Gentrie Evans
Falcons Cheer: Karicia Ramos